Tween and Teen Monthly Picks

Starting the New Year off with something new! Every month I will choose a book(s) for Tweens or Teens, I have always enjoyed books for pre-teens and teenagers, books from these categories are great way for pre-teens and teenagers to see the world. Please feel free to check-out my monthly picks. I am sure you will enjoy these books for your child, your classroom, or yourself.

For the Month of January

Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! is a book I remember reading when I was a Tween. The book not only had a little girl who looked like me on the front cover, but it open my eyes to self-identity and being aware of what made me beautiful. People are doing a lot of discussion about skin color and image, this would be a great book for Middle School discussion groups. I picked this book for January because we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy and his dream during this month.

For the Month of February, I decided to do tween/teen books that narrated friendship/love. I recently finished the book Freak Almighty and El Deafo. These two books would be great for discussing middle school friendships and the importance of understanding each others differences. In spite of statistics, these two books give a positive outlook on friendships in middle school. Also, both books discuss characters with disabilities and how they manage in school.

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