Girls on the Go! Review of Mystery of the Golden Temple (Pack-n-Go Girls)

Mystery of the Golden Temple is a part of the Pack-n-Go Girls Adventure Series, it embraces the idea of the “global girl” and the power of celebrating differences.  While reading and researching the Pack-n-Go Girls series, I am reminded of Nancy Drew, the Ramona books by Beverly Cleary, and The Babysitters Club books wrapped into one.  There is a sense of empowerment when girls are getting the job done! I am one of those girls that felt empowered when I read books similar to this one and the ones listed.

Mystery of the Golden Temple starts with Jess Johnson and her family at the airport. Unsure of the new venture, Jess is about to experience an exciting feat in a place called Thailand. Jess makes an everlasting friendship and learns so many new things. While reading this book, I discovered that Thailand is shaped like an elephant’s head and the elephant plays an important role in their history. I also learned about food from Thailand and popular dishes (check out the recipe in the book matter). I enjoyed reading the preview of Jess and Nong May’s next adventure after finishing Mystery of the Golden Temple. I am really anticipating the next journey from these two fun and smart girls! Thank you, Janelle Diller, Lisa Travis, and illustrator Adam Turner for helping young readers understand that culture and learning about different places is important and cool!

These websites are great resources for the classroom and book clubs. It is awesome to learn about Geography, historical facts, and beautiful landmarks in a fun and exciting way. These books help girls to dream about the endless possibilities of traveling and friendship. Are you Ready for an Adventure?

Girls Run the World!


  1. Someone else reviewed a pack and go girls mystery for MCBD this year and it was the first I had heard of the series. I'm definitely going to have to look into these. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I know! Pack-n-Go Girls was new to me also!


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