Books that Speak the Truth: S.D. Nelson

"Laughter itself is a holy gift."-S.D. Nelson
Do you know S.D. Nelson? He is an Illustrator/Author and he lives in Flagstaff, Arizona. His splendid artwork of watercolors caught my attention after I saw his book Red Cloud on a blogger's page. Nelson's book Red Cloud: A Lakota Story of War and Surrender is about the great Lakota Chief Red Cloud. He was a controversial leader and deeply opposed white Expansion into Native American territory. However, this is not Nelson's first book about the great Lakota/Sioux leaders and warriors. His first book in this series was Sitting Bull: Lakota Warrior and Defender of his People. Sitting Bull was one of the greatest Lakota/Sioux warriors and chiefs. Sitting Bull directed his people against the U.S. Army and he was also in the forefront of battles like Killdeer Mountain and Little Bighorn. Another book in this series is Black Elk's Vision: A Lakota's Story, Black Elk was an Oglala-Lakota medicine man. At an early age, Black Elk was warned to beware of the "Wha-shi-choo" or white people. Black Elk held on to this vision to help his people.
The Star People: A Lakota Story, Greet the Dawn: The Lakota Way, Gift Horse: A Lakota Story, and Coyote Christmas: A Lakota Story,  are a few of the great books written and illustrated by S.D. Nelson that pay homage to the Lakota people. Moreover, I wanted to understand what would motivate S.D. Nelson to write great books and create awesome artwork about the Lakota people. S.D. Nelson is a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in the Dakotas. His people are known as the Sioux or Lakota. Nelson brings the history of these astounding people to life. I am impressed that S.D. Nelson is able to bring these important points of history to life.
Listen to learn more about S.D. Nelson below and check out my favorites by him!


  1. Thank you for introducing me to S.D. Nelson and his wonderful Native American Books. I have a grandchild who loves to read them.

  2. Awesome! I am so glad your grandchild likes to read him!!!


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