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Read A Book, Be Creative!

On June 3, Miss T's Book Room and Alabama 4-H of Coosa County is hosting an Youth Art and Craft Showcase. I wanted to list some books that I think are awesome for giving kids inspiration for being creative!!! Beside books, Art is another one of my favorite things! Miss T's Book Room is all about learning everything from books! So why not list some books that get their creative juices flowing. The list could be longer, but I will try and make another list soon!

Ebenezer The Sneezer By DeCorey Hale-Book Review and Author Interview

Title: Ebenezer The Sneezer

Author: DeCorey Hale

Illustrations By: Lauren Lacy

Summary: Most of us have been overwhelmed with sneezing, whether it be allergies, a little sniff of pepper, or an unknown cause. The character in this story, Ebenezer, has a case that is worse than your everyday sneezing attack. The poor fellow sneezes on everything in his path. The author uses rhyming words and whimsical humor to tell the story of a man with the bad case of the "sneezies". Of course, the blogger in me likes this book because I love all the diversity that is defined. From the author, to the illustrator, we see both coming together to create a book for children that will be a favorite for many years. As a teacher, I gravitated to this book because it breaks the mold and opens up questioning that helps young readers engage in the story. The story gives a great connection for journal entry questions: What would you do if you could not stop sneezing? How would you help a person that c…