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Bilingual Books-Yoruba/English

Youtube is another place I like to do research on diverse literature, television shows, and art.  I really enjoy the episodes of Bino and Fino. Bino and Fino are brother and sister who live in a city in Africa. The show educates children ages 3 to 6 about the African Culture, African History,and African Geography. I not only look for diverse books, but I also like to look for diverse television shows that are teaching children about other cultures.  The research that I did encouraged me to learn more about some languages that are spoken in Africa. I found out about a language called Yoruba.

 Yoruba is a tonal language that is spoken in West Africa, mainly Nigeria, which is were Bino and Fino's show is based from. Currently, thirty million people speak this pluricentric language.  Pluricentric means it is a language with many standard versions. So I was really excited when I found out that there are children books that have been written in Yoruba and English.  Bilingual Books…

8 Diverse Books Featuring a Character With A Disability-Update

If apples were pears, and peaches were plums, and the rose had a different name. If tigers were bears, and fingers were thumbs, I'd love you just the same.-Anonymous  (This Quote is From the Book Chicken Soup for the Soul, Children with Special Needs.)

For this blog post, I wanted to focus on books that deal with children that come from different cultural backgrounds and have disabilities.  I am glad that children book authors are thinking outside the box. Talking about children with disabilities opens up windows of understanding for parents, teachers, and children.  I have a concentration in Special Education and I think that books are a wonderful resource, especially helping others understand different lifestyles.   I think that it is wonderful that I can recommend these books to others.  Children in school should learn that everyone is different and that people with disabilities can have a voice. I hope you enjoy my list of great books dealing with characters with disabiliti…