A Twist From Africa

(Pretty Salma, Adaption of Red Riding Hood)

People have been adapting fairy tales for along time!  I have seen adaptions of Cinderella from Asia to Europe. Everywhere in the world young girls should be able to imagine themselves in a Fairy Tale. I chose to do fairy tales because a lot of people don't know that these books are out there and why they were written.  I decided to do some research on adaptations from places in Africa! Some of these stories have been pass down from generation to generation. I would love to learn about more fairy tales like these from  Africa.  Please checkout some of my favorites!



  1. I love diverse fairy tales. Thank you for sharing these!

  2. Yes! There are so many! Thank you for commenting!

  3. Yes, I love fairy-tale re-tellings in different cultures too - I like the look of The Twelve Dancing Princesses... Thank you for sharing with #Diversekidlit

  4. Thank you ! I really appreciate you stopping by!!!


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