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Teaching Beyond a Month.......

During my early school years, I was not taught much about Black History.  I can remember only a few teachers who discussed black heroes during class time.  However, I learned almost everything about my heritage from my father.  He explained the importance of educating yourself about your heritage.  
My father did not just teach me about Great African-Americans in February, but year-round.  I learned that my ancestors were more than slaves and servants.  As I became older, I continued to educate myself about the path that my ancestors created. As a teacher, I try to incorporate activities and books about African-Americans in my classroom.  I teach the younger grades and I try to take a gradual approach.  I want them to learn more than their name, I want them to learn about their contribution.  
Young children learn by being observant and connecting old experiences with new ones.    For example, it is great to talk about peanut butter and sweet
potatoes during a class discussion about Geo…