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A Leader of Peace

Eleanor Roosevelt said, "It isn't enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. And it isn't enough believe in it. One must work at it." For the past couple of months, I have learned that leadership and peace go very well together. As we think about traits of a leader, many people do not think of the word peaceful.  John Lennon once said, "Peace is not something you wish for; it's something you do, something you are and something you give away." Outer peace begins with inner peace, it all starts from within yourself. Peace is a feeling that you want to have everyday. You want to teach others about peace and encourage them to be peaceful. In history, many leaders took a peaceful approach when they felt it was necessary. They refused to use disharmony and negative tactics. Those peaceful leaders spoke up against injustice and change harsh conditions. Leaders who believe unity, love, and peace are the leaders that will make a difference in t…

ABC, Adoption and Me-A Book Review

"Biology is the least of what makes someone a mother"-Oprah Winfrey
          As a teacher and a book blogger for children, I am always looking for books and other resources that can reach children, especially children from different cultural backgrounds. We must take into consideration that families can differ. The authors of ABC Adoption and Me, establish a clear depiction of different types of families through the subject of adoption wonderfully. I believe that more books should be written that discuss sensitive topics. 

The topic of adoption can bring a lot of unanswered questions, I really do believe books like these can help. I like how ABC, Adoption and Me, has a section in the beginning that outlines how to use the book in different areas when discussing adoption. On the following page, the authors talk about Adoption-attunement Quotient (AQ). The quotient shows how adoption influences a child. The two pages can help the adoptee, the adoptive parent(s), and the b…

Illustrator/Author Spotlight-Kadir Nelson

"I feel that art’s highest function is that of a mirror, reflecting the innermost beauty and divinity of the human spirit; and is most effective when it calls the viewer to remember one’s highest self. I choose subject matter that has emotional and spiritual resonance and focuses on the journey of the hero as it relates to the personal and collective stories of people."-Kadir Nelson
Kadir Nelson became my favorite illustrator when I saw a cover he created for The New Yorker. My first thought was that nobody could make such a inspiring and realistic drawing for a magazine, but I was wrong. I felt like I was seeing colors in slow motion that came together all by themselves. So I did some research on this wonderful artist, because I wanted to know more about him.

Nelson was born in 1974 and started his love for drawing and painting at the age of three. He also was an apprentice to his uncle, who was an artist and also an art instructor. Nelson's work can be found in art …

Bilingual Books-Yoruba/English

Youtube is another place I like to do research on diverse literature, television shows, and art.  I really enjoy the episodes of Bino and Fino. Bino and Fino are brother and sister who live in a city in Africa. The show educates children ages 3 to 6 about the African Culture, African History,and African Geography. I not only look for diverse books, but I also like to look for diverse television shows that are teaching children about other cultures.  The research that I did encouraged me to learn more about some languages that are spoken in Africa. I found out about a language called Yoruba.

 Yoruba is a tonal language that is spoken in West Africa, mainly Nigeria, which is were Bino and Fino's show is based from. Currently, thirty million people speak this pluricentric language.  Pluricentric means it is a language with many standard versions. So I was really excited when I found out that there are children books that have been written in Yoruba and English.  Bilingual Books…