Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Series and The Sequels-Books For Middle and High School Students

On this new blog post, I just wanted to give you guys a highlight of some great book series and sequels for middle and high school students. Preteens/Teens can be reluctant to read, it is awesome when we can find books that match their interest.  When we think of books for this grade level and age range, we realize that sometimes we have to introduced them to more books that are out of the norm.  

Mildred D. Taylor: The Logan Family Saga

Mildred D. Taylor is very famous for her literary works and her remarkable stories. The Logan Family Series has been a familiar series in some middle and high schools. Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry is one of my favorite books and movies, I watched the movie a lot as a child. I was also elated to discover that my favorite illustrator/artist Kadir Nelson has remastered her iconic book covers, take a look.

The Five Ancestors Series is essentially a graphic novel without any graphics. Five orphans are raised as foster brothers and Buddhist monks in 17th century China. The Grand Master has given the boys animal names and trained each of them into a martial-art style related to his titular animal's strengths.

Virginia Hamilton is one of my favorite authors. Most of her books were read during my childhood. She wrote stories that ranged from generational legacy to science fiction to folktales and more. Hamilton wrote 41 books.

A couple months ago, I read Rodman Philbrick's Freak the Mighty and Max The Mighty. In Freak the Mighty, both characters have disabilities and have a genuine friendship with each other. The two of them create a genuine relationship through fighting bullies and family problems. For the the two boys, they never imagine the big things that they would encounter. The sequel to this book is Max The Mighty,, which is similar to the first book.  Max and Worm also discover the greatness of a friendship through their difficulties. Max is a hero when he finds out that Worm needs saving from the harsh reality of school and her own issues at home.


Other Authors to Check-Out!

Lisa Yee

R.J. Palacio
James Patterson 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Just For the Dads! Happy Father's Day

There are many definitions of a father. A father can be a hero, a comedian, and a best friend. But most of all he can be our biggest teacher. I decided to feature Patrick Patterson's book, I Love When Daddy Reads To Me, because of the representation of an African-American father and the relationship with his daughters. Not only are his daughters featured in the book, they helped him write it.  Patterson demonstrates that African-American fathers can be involved in their physical lives and their education. 
In past years, a lot of sources have lead us to believe that the involvement of the black father was disheartening. However, in the C.D.C report issued in December 2013, it shows that black fathers are actually involved with their children. This also includes fathers who live outside of the home. People have suggested that this study has debunked the myth of black fathers and continues to shine a better light on the topic. 
No matter the race or the relationship a male has with a child, being there for them can be the greatest gift. 
 I have listed some great titles that are great reads for Father's Day. 
Happy Father's Day!
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 Jones J, Mosher WD. Fathers’ involvement with their children: United States, 2006–2010. National health statistics reports; no 71. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. 2013.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

A Family is a Family-Books on Multiracial Families

"Families are like branches on a tree, we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one."-Unknown

What does a family consist of? What does a family look like? Are all families small? Are they big? Are the parents in the family from the same culture, race, or religion? Do the kids look alike? 

These are usually the questions I ask my students during our thematic unit on families. Families do not always have to look alike, practice the same traditions, or be from the same ethnic group to be considered a family. Some people even consider their friends to be their family.  A family is about love, acceptance, and respect. There is not enough definitions to tell us what a family is or what it could be, but you can always see the beauty of a family in how they love and treat each other. I have selected a few books that contain multiracial/biracial/transracial characters and families.

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